Travel Diary: Vegas

I had always heard stories about how crazy Vegas is and we’ve all heard the sayings “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” “Sin city” blah blah, but I always thought people were just over exaggerating, until I actually went there…
We stayed at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which is one of the newer hotels. Now this was my first time there so I have nothing to compare it to, but I LOVED this hotel. The rooms were amazing and spacious, the view was something else, and the service was on point. Walking from one end of the hotel to the other is like a marathon, that’s how big it is – so you can only imagine how many people you meet. The pools were the best part, you would never want to leave (refer to pic below). All in all I would rate it a 10/10, defssss recommend. The daytime pool parties are fun too, especially when you go with a good group of people. Although getting ready for them is usually a bit difficult since you’re probably hungover from the night before LOL. IMG_3609.JPG
Club-wise, it really depends what type of music you’re into. The two biggest clubs are Omnia and Hakkasan, which have house DJs such as Calvin Harris . Our group really only listens to hip hop music, so we went to Tao, Hyde and 1Oak. Tao is huge and a total Vegas vibe, had an amazing time there. Hyde has an insane view of the strip from the Bellagio.. I’ve never had such a cool view while partying haha. 1Oak was fun but nothing special or really “Vegas” about it.  Almost everything is walking distance from each other BUT if you’re wearing heels I would defintely take a cab, especially after the club LOL.
Food-wise, we really only ate at the restaurants inside the Cosmo because we were too lazy and hungover to walk anywhere else. You must try: Beauty and Essex, Eggslut, The Secret Pizza and my favourite The Wicked Spoon, which is a buffet that has the best food I’ve EVER eaten in my entire life.. like I didn’t realize guacamole could taste THAT good 😐 It’s been hard to eat after experiencing that. Overall, I slept a total of maybe 5 hours and wish I could go back and not sleep at all because it was that much fun. Click on pics for outfit and swim deets.


IMG_3780 use code NINA15 for a discount

ps. what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there 😉


OOTD: trending


If you follow fashion bloggers I’m sure by now you’ve noticed this sudden trend of orange/yellow. There’s a few different shades of these colours going around, often called the “mango trend”. And I’m totally obsessed with it. Mostly because it looks amazing on tan skin, so I reckon it won’t be as big come winter time. But for now I’m embracing this pop of colour and you should too!
Another trend for Fall 17, is the reversed cuff on jeans. This pair I tried on was by Frame and I didn’t think I would like it but actually found them really cute. It’s a nice change from a basic blue jean, because it gives a dramatic rolled up effect to them.

Frame jeans available here
Topshop top available here


Travel Diary: Los Cabos

I’ve come to the conclusion that coming back to reality after a vacation is one of the worst feelings ever… Why can’t I just live an island with palm trees and margaritas 😦
As you can tell by my depression I just got back from the tropics – which is my new fave word btw – and I thought I’d share my experience with you guys.
It’s my second time travelling to Cabo, and I have to say out of all the resorty places I’ve been to it’s probably my favourite. I know Mexico gets a bad rep for being dangerous but Cabo is a such a small city and the people are so kind, you don’t get a scary vibe at all. If you ever plan on a trip to Cabo, here are some tips:

  1. The first time I stayed at the Riu Palace, and although the hotel was gorgeous, food was delicious, the crowd was a lot older. This time we stayed at the Riu Santa Fe, which is right next door, the hotel isn’t as nice and the food isn’t as good but we had way more fun and made so many new friends. Side note: if you stay at the Palace you can use the facilities of the Santa Fe, but not the other way around. If you’re picky about food and want a nicer hotel, I would stay at the Palace and just hang out at the Santa Fe. Which I regret not doing and will do next time.
  2. There is an entertainment district which has several clubs you can hop in and out of without paying cover!!! The music was mostly top 40 and house and the drinks are quite pricey.
  3. You can’t swim in the ocean. I mean technically you can, if you’re okay with sharks, undertow and dying and stuff. I’m actually a pretty good swimmer but still not tryna die so I only went knee deep. In other words, if one of your requirements of a holiday is a swimmable ocean, I would go elsewhere – although the view is stunning.Now for the most important part… outfits and swimsuits!!! Click on the pics below for more info.

    Links below:
    Topshop Dress
    Mink Pink Swim Top/Mink Pink Bottoms 
    Wildfox Jumpsuit
    DVF Romper – not available anymore
    UO Crop top / AE Embroidered Shorts – not available anymore
    Oh Polly Bikini
    Nicole Miller Romper

OOTD: May 17


Hi friends! I know its been a while but I’ve had a hectic couple weeks so excuse my lack of posting. Is everyone as happy as I am that it’s finally May… I had forgotten what warmth felt like -_- WE CAN WEAR SANDALS AGAIN people!!! what is life I could cry
Okok let me pull it together…. anywaysss I’m in love with this moto suede jacket from Zara. My favourite thing about Zara is that you can buy trendy pieces for a great price, so even if goes out of style by next season you won’t feel bad. For example I wouldn’t splurge on a PINK jacket like this, it’s not an investment piece so I prefer to buy it from Zara. Surprise surprise the grey dress is also from Zara lol. They have great basics too ok, leave me alone. Shoes are by Steve Madden and super comfortable!

Can’t find the jacket online anymore, but I did recently see it in-store, so check that out if you want it.
Dress available here
Shoes available here

OOTD: I <3 J Brand


Can you tell how jean obsessed I am? I feel like every outfit post I do involves a new pair of jeans.. *sigh*

Trust me when I say J Brand is one of THE MOST comfortable brands of denim out there. I’ve tried so many high-end jeans and they are tied with Paige as my favourite!!! The ones I’m wearing here are from the spring collection in Alana High Rise Crop Remnant, available here. The navy stripes at the hem limit what colour tops I would personally wear; I’d probably stick to light neutrals or a burnt orange looks really good too. If you don’t have a linen button up for spring/summer, then please put that on your list of things to buy. So simple yet so chic. The one I’m wearing is from Aritzia, available here. Obviously paired with my Adidas Ultra Boosts, cause once you wear those you can’t be bothered with anything else.
I promise my outfit post won’t include jeans!!! (but.. I don’t trust myself so don’t hold me to it).


OOTD: sporty vibes


If you know me, you know I love a good all white outfit. So obviously I had to bust out all my white wardrobe as soon as April hit. It is still chilly in Toronto, which I surprisingly don’t mind cause I get to wear my favourite jean jacket from Topshop. The Champion crew neck is actually a mens sweater (I wanted the white colour and it only came in mens *eye roll emoji*). Fits really big though so looking back on it probably should’ve just gotten a women’s fit. I got that from Urban Outfitters. My jeans are by Frame… what else is new lol, they are the Le Skinny de Jeanne. Catch me in white jeans all summer 17. Bag is Givenchy mini Antigona in red. Shoes are Adidas Ultra Boost in white (which you should go a full size down in btw). Ok bye!



OOTN: spring blues

HAPPY SPRING Y’ALL!! Hope March is treating you well. In case you’re wondering I’m having a GREAT month, cause #MoreLife obviously. Not to mention the weather is warming up and we all know how I feel about winter *rolls eyes*.
Anywayssss getting to the fashion, this is probably my favourite outfit that I’ve ever worn…. I first saw this bodysuit at Zara and it led me on a mission to find a pair of navy pants, which I found from ASOS. And I thought my pink Louboutins were the perfect shade to add a little contrast. Links to all pieces below! Let me know what you think! xxx