Beach Bag Essentials

Summer has officially arrived, which can only mean on thing: BRING ON THE BEACH!!! There is no better feeling than sand on your toes, wind in your hair, and the sun on your skin and if you disagree then we can’t be friends. Being a beach fanatic and all around expert, I thought I’d make a what’s in my beach bag list for you guys.

1. Sunscreen
The most obvious and important item on the list. Although I don’t put sunscreen all over my body I do put it on the spots I know will burn: shoulders, knees, feet and most importantly FACE!!!
*Fact of the day: the number of SPF means how long it would take for the sun radiation to redden your skin – so if you’re using SPF 30 it would take 30 times longer than if you were wearing no sunscreen.
Also the new spray bottles are my favourite, much easier and cleaner application!

2. Oil
Now this is for the people who don’t burn really easily or already have a base tan. I use the Hawaiian Tropic bronzing oil all over my body and it really makes my tan develop a lot faster.

3. Beach Blanket/Towel
If you plan on getting wet, take a beach blanket with you so you can use your towel to dry off. You can also use the towel as a pillow to take an afternoon nap (mmm naps).

4. A Portable Speaker
What’s the point of being at the beach without your summer playlist to listen to? There are also waterproof speakers available if you want to take it into the water with you.

5. Lip Balm with SPF
Most people tend to forget their lips when protecting their skin. Our lips are made up of a very thin layer of skin and therefore much more prone to sun damage.

6. Hat
Sun damage on your face means wrinkles, and nobodyyy wants that. Face sunscreen is good but not enough, keep permanent shade on your face with a hat – plus you won’t die of heat as fast when your face and head are covered!

7. Sunnies
Another obvious one – but make sure to find a pair of sunglasses that protect against UVB rays, you can even find inexpensive versions. Another factor to consider is polarized sunglasses, which cut off all the glare from the sun and make the lenses more clear.

8. Headphones
For when you wanna take your afternoon nap and everyone else is being super loud. Just put them in a small baggie so they don’t get water or sand in them.

9. Waterproof Phone Pouch
If you’re planning on going into the water and don’t wanna leave your phone, buy one of these pouches and you can hang it around your neck worry free. I got mine off of Amazon!!

10. A Good Book
I can’t think of anything more relaxing than reading a good book while laying by the water, might just be my favourite thing to do. If you’re not much of a book person – magazines are always a good substitute.

One last tip.. if you can try to stay off your phone and enjoy your surroundings. The beach has a way of clearing our heads and bringing peace. Instagram and snapchat will always be there!

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