Best Restaurants in Toronto

If you’re from the 6 like me, then you know nobody here actually calls it the 6 lol, cause that would be kinda weird. You might also know that there is not much to do here. And by not much I mean literally nothing ever at all. Especially when it’s winter and going outside means potentially dying from hypothermia. But then there are the odd days, where you are so tired of only going to work and watching netflix (basically living like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day), that you are willing to suffer through the cold wind that burns your face just to get out the house. Sooo I thought I’d make a list of all my favourite spots to eat in the city, in case you are just as winter depressed as I am and need food to make life just a little easier.

  1. Cactus Club
    Probably my favourite restaurant in the city, as it excels in every aspect. Amazing food, great music, cool crowd, not to mention the BEST drinks (the Brazilian is my go to)!!
  2. King Taps
    A newer spot, located in the same building as Cactus with the same sort of vibe. The pizza is a must.
  3. Nervosa
    No doubt the best food in Yorkville. It’s one of the more quaint spots, and in the summer the rooftop patio + sangria is the perfect combination. Try the mushroom pasta or steak with salad.
  4. Sassafraz
    Another yorkville spot, this one has a really great brunch menu that includes a huge stack of blueberry pancakes and this to die for mushroom and brie toast.. can you tell I like mushrooms?
  5. Wish
    More of a daytime vibe, the interior of this place is so rustic and adorable, that the food being good is just a bonus. The french toast will leave you speechless.
  6. Chop
    An amazing steakhouse with locations in the GTA. This is good place for when you want a delicious steak without paying an arm and a leg for it. The burger is also delicious.

    Upscale Dining

  7. Buca
    The King St. location has a great menu, consisting of many things you’ve probably never heard before. If you aren’t a big foodie, the pizza is really good!
  8. Lee
    One of the better asian fusion restaurants. Really cool vibe inside with great music. You have to order the slaw salad and spring roll burgers!!
  9. Morocco Chocolat
    This is one of my favourites for sure. It has a really good variety in deserts as well as good, depending on what you’re in the mood for. I always go for the tea and macaroons… obviously

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