Review: Kat Von D Perfumes

Hi friends! I’m back at it again with another Influenster review. This time I received the new rerelease of the Kat Von D perfumes, which are back due to popular demand. There are two scents (Saint and Sinner), which share a few of the same core notes, yet have quite different vibes to them..

is sweet floral smell, very flirty and more of a daytime scent. It has notes of vanilla, jasmine and musk, which is nice because the musk balances out the sweetness of the vanilla, while the jasmine adds the hint of floral. Personally, I love sweet perfumes so I actually really liked this one, might even have to purchase the full size bottle as I’ve been reaching for it the most. The smell lasted on my clothes all day, but did not have as much lasting power on my skin. If you prefer a soft and fresh perfume I would definitely give this a try.
Sinner is a warm spicy smell, very sexy and more of a nighttime scent. It has notes of patchouli, wood and cinnamon, layered on a vanilla base. The spicy hint of cinnamon makes it very sultry while the floral notes bring out the sweetness of it. Although this is not the typical type of scent I go for, I actually quite liked it but I don’t know if I could stand the smell on me for a long period of time. You have to prefer more dark and warm perfumes to be able to wear this all day, and if you do then you will no doubt love Sinner.

Overall, although I enjoyed both perfumes, the only one I would purchase is Saint. Also it says they can be worn together, I have to try it but I could see how they would compliment eachother really well. I think the detial in the packaging is also beautiful, as many designer perfumes tend to have pretty basic bottles. What scent of perfume do you prefer?

* I was sent these products complimentary of Influenster for reviewing purposes.

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