13 Travel Essentials

With summer just around the corner, everyone wants to go away and do some exploring. I’ve been preparing for vacation all week and I thought it would be really useful to do a carry on/travel must haves for any type of trip you might going on. Keep reading…
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  1. Hand Cream
    If you’ve ever been on a plane before I’m sure you’ve noticed your skin feeling really chalky and dry. It’s really not a good feeling, so have a small tube of cream to keep reapplying on your skin. Make sure it’s under 100ml!
  2. Eye Drops
    The atmosphere on a plane is incredibly dry, due to the high altitude. So it not only does it put a strain on your skin, but it sucks the moisture out of your eyes as well. So make sure to keep a bottle of eye drops in your bag, to keep your eyes lubricated and awake, especially if you have an overnight flight.
  3. Sleeping Mask/Ear Plugs
    If you’re planning on sleeping on a flight, I reccommend having these two things to trick your body into sleeping, since it’s not in it’s usual sleeping position. I’m a very light sleeper and I have trouble falling asleep on planes. So using a mask and ear plugs, drowns out all the light and noise and makes me feel more relaxed and my body more open to sleep.
  4. Earphones
    I know this is an obvious one but some people rely on getting a free pair from the plane. A lot of airlines these days charge for a set of headphones, or might not even have them. Stick to what you know and bring your own pair. Can you imagine being stuck on a plane for hours without headphones…. horrifying thought.
  5. Phone Charger/Adapter
    Depending on what country you’re travelling to, they may have different plugs and none of your appliances will work. Trust me, been there done that. Do your research beforehand, and if you do need an adapter the airport is great place to buy a universal one.
  6. Snacks
    The worst is when you get hungry in the middle of a flight, or you might just hate airplane food. Pack a couple small packs of snacks to keep you satisfied for the duration of the flight. A couple granola bars or mini chip bags can go a long way.
  7. Pain reliever pills
    You know never what can happen so keeping a travel sized bottle of Advil is a major key. Just in case you get a headache from the turbulence or stomach ache from the food.
  8. Mouthwash
    If you don’t wanna pack a toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry on, a good alternative is mouthwash. Quick, easy and no hassle.
  9. Magazine/Book
    I don’t think I’ve EVER travelled without both of these. I find reading on a plane really relaxes me and makes the time fly by. Especially good for keeping you off your phone and not wasting battery!
  10.  Fuzzy socks
    Keeping your shoes on for hours is uncomfortable, not to mention when your feet get that weird fuzzy feeling on a plane.. you know what I’m talking about. Wearing a pair of fuzzy socks will keep them warm and comfortable.
  11. A Pen
    This actually just reminded me to put a pen in my purse. Always needed to fill out customs forms for when you’re landing. You don’t wanna be that person asking everyone to borrow a pen.
  12. Anti-bacterial Wipes
    Germs are EVERYWHERE! You never know the different type of bacteria that is on a plane, since people from all over the world have sat in your spots. Wipe down your fold up table in front of you and armrests when you first get on.
  13. Gum
    Chewing gum before takeoff and landing will help prevent your ears from plugging. Not. A. Good. Feeling.

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  1. anastasiagregory · May 25, 2017

    Loved this, I’m definitely going to be using this next time I fly


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