OOTD: May 17


Hi friends! I know its been a while but I’ve had a hectic couple weeks so excuse my lack of posting. Is everyone as happy as I am that it’s finally May… I had forgotten what warmth felt like -_- WE CAN WEAR SANDALS AGAIN people!!! what is life I could cry
Okok let me pull it together…. anywaysss I’m in love with this moto suede jacket from Zara. My favourite thing about Zara is that you can buy trendy pieces for a great price, so even if goes out of style by next season you won’t feel bad. For example I wouldn’t splurge on a PINK jacket like this, it’s not an investment piece so I prefer to buy it from Zara. Surprise surprise the grey dress is also from Zara lol. They have great basics too ok, leave me alone. Shoes are by Steve Madden and super comfortable!

Can’t find the jacket online anymore, but I did recently see it in-store, so check that out if you want it.
Dress available here
Shoes available here


  1. styledbymckenz · May 18, 2017

    I love that jacket! Such a gorgeous color + I totally agree about the sandals! I am so thankful for the warm weather so I can start pulling out the sandals.

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  2. Reeva · May 22, 2017

    Love this outfit doll!! xx

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