Tips on Shopping Vintage Bags


I’ve come to the conclusion that March is the worst month of the year. It use to be November, but he was demoted (I say he because it’s so disappointing it must be a man LOL). At this point it’s been cold for so long I’m ready to lie in a tanning bed until the mother nature decides to start playing nice.
On a more positive note…. I’m here to give y’all some tips on shopping vintage designer bags. In order for a bag to be classified as “vintage”, it is usually one of two things; the age of the bag is 10 years +, or no longer in production. Here’s a small list of things you should check before investing in a vintage bag..

  1. AUTHENTICITY – Every brand new designer leather good you purchase will always come with a authenticity card. I recommend always keeping the card, in case you ever want to re-sell you’ll have proof that it is genuine. Unfortunately not everyone does this, so most times buying vintage you’ll have to trust your gut. Do your research. Examine seams, stitching and lining.
  2. CONDITION – There’s a reason designer bags are so expensive, the quality is made to last a lifetime. Obviously over time, it’s natural for a little wear and tear on the edges of a bag. But never consider anything that has any rips or cracks in the leather. A major key to this is seeing and feeling it in person. Don’t buy anything online before doing this!!!!
  3. PRICE – Don’t break the bank buying a vintage piece. Whether you are buying from a consignment store or from the owner, you can always bargain for a better price! If they are charging you more than 50-70% of the original price, skip it, you can find a better deal! The good thing about buying vintage is that you know the piece has retained its value, and is more like an investment because you can always re-sell it. The brands labelled as the best investments are Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

    I’ll give you the quick version of how I found this bag. We were shopping in SoHo (NYC) and walked into this consignment store. There wasn’t too much selection, mostly LV and Chanel. First I spotted the most beautiful Chanel boy bag in pink velvet (I know!!!!!!!!), I probably would’ve gotten that but it didn’t even fit my phone… 😦 then I saw the LV backpack, and I was actually wanting a cute mini backpack. Tried it on, loved it, bought it. The owner told me the bag is from 1999, and is actually much better quality than the LV made today. I negotiated with him on the price a little bit and ended up getting it for half of what the original retail price was. Let me know if you’re interested in the name of the store! Hope this was helpful xo


  1. styledbymckenz · March 16, 2017

    I totally agree, March sucks! I always try to go into the month thinking to myself ‘this month will be good for once’ and by the third day I’m over it LOL. Plus at least in November the fashion is better than March,. It’s so awkward, do I wear tee shirts or boots or what??? Loved this post and the LV bag! I have always wanted a Louis but could never imagine spending so much so this post was extremely helpful.

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    • ninajadid · March 19, 2017

      Haha me too! I’m counting down the days til summer, so I can wear a cute dress everyday LOL. Good I’m glad, you should check out consignment stores in your area!

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  2. Kait McGuire · August 31, 2017

    What store is this? I only know What Goes Around Comes Around an dim looking for authentic consignments


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