Travel Diaries: New York

If I was mayor of New York, I’d make every airport play Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift in the arrival terminals, cause it just seems like the right thing to do. Don’t @ me

In case you didn’t know I work for a designer boutique and so we went to NY to visit showrooms and see all the A/W17 collections. (You can checkout our online store here). It didn’t really feel like working because obviously I love fashion and getting a sneak peak of all the collections was such a cool experience. Some of my favourite brands we got to see are Cinq A Sept, DVF, Alice and Olivia. I was mentally planning my fall wardrobe the whole time hah.
Two things I noticed about the city right away, it’s reallyyy cold. I know I’m Canadian and I’m supposed to be use to it or whatever but winter is just THEEEE worst. Second, the shopping is insanely good. I took the phrase “treat yoself” a little too seriously, but it’s okay just won’t check my credit card bill and hope it goes away. It didn’t help that we found a vintage designer store in SOHO, obviously being the impulsive shopper that I am, I bought the cutest LV backpack made in ’99. Which – fun fact – the owner was telling me is actually much better quality compared to LV made today.

Another thing I noticed after a few meals in, WOW THE FOOD IS GOOD!!! And when I say good I mean I can never eat again cause what’s the point. It made me sad because I realized I’ve been eating average food my whole life. There’s this cafe called Pret A Manger, and they have the most delicious sandwiches and snacks. I had it everyday when I was in London so I was just dying to have it again. THEN there was the miracle that is known as Shake Shack!! My favourite food in the world is burgers, I could tell you why but this post would take days to read. I’m literally thinking of starting a petition to bring it to Toronto because it’s really not fair. If you’re ever in NYC, you should check out a restaurant called Beauty in Essex.. the entrance is a some janky pawn shop and then you open a back door and it’s like this super lit bougie restuarant. Seriously I was mind blown, they were even serving champagne in the washroom… like pls remind me why I live in Canada again??? Oh ya, no donald trump :))))

On a more fashion related note, we visited the DVF showroom (where Whitney and Olivia interned on The City, – pretty cool I know) and saw Jonathan Saunders’ first fall collection as creative director, which was very refreshing and brought a more youthful essence to the brand. Though there are still plenty of her signature styles, his take on them will definitely attract more of us “millennials”. I’m still dreaming of a set of bright faux fur jackets that I saw.
Cinq a Sept, which is one of my favourite brands, was actually – and I hate to say it – a little disappointing. It is known as a contemporary brand but I felt like it had too much of a runway look to it for the average person to wear. One thing I did notice was a lot of layering going on, which I do like because I find it elevates any outfit.
The brand I was most surprised by was Alice and Olivia, though I love her designs it’s not usually my style. I found myself wanting so many of the pieces!!! Probably because a lot of it was velvet and embroidery, two of the best trends this year and they don’t plan on dying anytime soon. Not to mention the showroom was to die for.

I realize I wrote an essay and if you actually made it this far, I thank you for caring enough to read it LOL. I posted some pictures of the spots I mentioned above. Let me know your fave spots in NY! xo

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