50 shades of pink


If you go through the SS17 collections you’ll probably notice there’s a lot of pink happening. I’m not complaining cause I’m obsessed it, but if you’re not a person who wears colour then you might wanna start LOL. We saw pink in every shade, so if you want to be more subtle then you can try mauve or if you’re going for a bolder look, try magenta. It is no doubt THE colour of this spring season, so thought I’d pick a few of my favourite pink pieces to inspire you guys on how to rock it. Click on the links to check them out online!

AG Jeans (get 10% off your first order)lss1557rsq_2

Calvin Klein Sweater (btw I love na-kd.com, they ship internationally and don’t charge customs or duties!) 

Satin Slip Dress  ( my faveeeee)

Wildfox Graphic tee (I have this one because relevant.)
Christian Louboutin Shoes (My new babiessss I’m scared to wear them cause they’re so pretty)

Gucci Wallet (on my wish list)


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