Denim for Days

After years of fashion being in a very committed relationship with skinny jeans, finally we’re seeing new trends emerge. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s time to step out of our comfort zones and get a lil jiggy wit it. Though I don’t think any of us are willing to give up our skinny jeans that easily. So here’s a list of current denim trends you need to know about it.

  1. Embroidered Jeans
    We can thank Gucci for the embroidery trend. If I would’ve known it was going to come back in style, I would’ve saved my jeans from 2004 LOL.  I found some good options from Topshop and Revolve.

2. Cropped Flare Jeanspic2.jpg

All the famous bloggers have been obsessed with this trend lately. I love the crop look because it looks so good with booties and sneakers especially, but make sure they are the perfect crop length on you, or it can look awkward. Another tip: a tucked in shirt is a must with these jeans! I got these J Brand ones for myself and I can’t get enough of them, here’s a cheaper alternative at ASOS.

3. Fringe or Frayed Hem Jeans

Now this one is defintely the most easy to wear. If you’re still hesitant to try the first two, then start here. The fringe look is a more exaggerated version of the frayed hem. Both are really cute, just depends on how adventurous you want to be. In the first picture, I got those jeans from Zara but they’re not available online anymore, but here’s a very similar version from Topshop. Every brand is currently doing the frayed hem look so you can find them at any price point, I just got these ones by AG, which are super comfortable too!

Let me know which trend is your favourite! xxx



  1. Debbie · January 14, 2017

    Love the fringe jeans😍👌


  2. summerlola · February 9, 2017

    I’m loving the embroided jeans trend so much!


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