Dear Santa…


I can’t believe how fast this month has gone by, I haven’t even had time to wrap all my presents yet!!! Some people I’ve talked to got their shopping done in November….. and those people need to write a book on how to get your shit together because I would buy it. I wanted to make a list of generic but still thoughtful last minute gifts for anyone in your life!!

  1. WORKOUT GEAR – for the person who is fitness obsessed or if their resolution is to start going to the gym, some new clothes or shoes might motivate them
  2. SKINCARE/MAKEUP – I really feel like who can’t go wrong with this because which girl doesn’t love at least skin care or makeup? I would be happy with anything from Sephora or even a gift card, they also have really nice value gift sets this time of year.
  3. WATCH/JEWELLERY – This gift tends to work best for a significant other because it comes across as very thoughtful and sweet. For a girl, something like a pretty necklace or earrings, since it’s more of a romantic gesture. For a guy, a watch is something you know they’ll love and wear, click here for my post on where to find the perfect watch.
  4. SHOES – if there is someone you want to splurge on, I suggest a pair of designer shoes… For a girl a pair of heels is ALWAYS nice (cc: Jimmy Choo, Valentino, MiuMiu, YSL). For a guy, you can get him dress shoes or sneakers depending on his style (cc: Gucci, Buscemi, Balenciaga)

If you have set a small limit, or you’re doing secret santa, or you just wanna get something small for a coworker, the best options are
1. Bottle of wine or champagne
2. Box of chocolates/candy
3. Candle
4. Starbucks gift card

Hope this helps!! Happy holidays xo



  1. McKenzMorgan · December 21, 2016

    I love my JORD watch and it’s the perfect Christmas gift!


  2. PRANAY DWIVEDI · January 20, 2017

    Yes its indeed helpful


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