OOTN + DIY distressing


Hey y’all, I’m back at it again with another outfit of the night and surprise surprise I’m wearing thigh high boots LOL. It was ‘add to cart’ at first sight. I ordered for the first time  from Pubic Desire during the black friday sale, I wasn’t too sure about it because it’s not cute when you can tell shoes are cheap by just looking at them. But I was happy with the ones I ordered and they’re actually really comfortable! If you’re looking for trendy shoes but don’t wanna spend a lot I would check them out.  The ones I’m wearing are available here and come in a few colours. The “dress” I’m wearing is actually a mens t-shirt from H&M, it’s the longer style which is why it fits me like a dress, not because I’m a midget or anything. Because the boots are red it’s quite limiting on what you can wear with them, so I went with pink cause I really like the combination, or any neutral colour would look good too. Don’t wanna brag or anything but I actually cut it up the shirt myself, I know I know so Yeezy of me. It was my first time altering a piece of clothing myself and I didn’t completely ruin it so yay me. Obviously I had to watch a tutorial on how to do it and it’s not hard at all, it just takes time and hand power haha. All you really need is stuff you would most likely have around the house anyways, so if you don’t wanna pay ridiculous amounts of money to look homeless and rather DIY then watch this video    —> DIY Distressing.

ps. I’m wearing Lilly Lashes in this pic and I highly recommend them! ❤


  1. McKenzMorgan · December 11, 2016

    Love the shoes !!


  2. alternativedressing · December 12, 2016

    Love the boots!


  3. queencitypetite · December 12, 2016

    In love with this ❤


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