Review: Origins Night-A-Mins Cream


I reaaally wanted to review this product for you guys because it is truly one of the best products ever! I know I say that a lot but I only speak the truth. It’s called “High-Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral Enriched Oil-Free Renewal Cream” by Origins. Apparently they couldn’t just call it a night cream, but besides the title it is amaazing!

For the longest time I didn’t use a night cream cause I didn’t think I had to since I had my youth and all, but now that I’m getting older I need to start taking precautions to push off my facelift for as long as possible LOL. Anti-aging is the most important benefit of moisturizing at night, this cream is supposed to do that but I can’t confirm that yet so ask me in 10 years.

The reason I love this cream so much is because you know when you cleanse your face and it feels so dry after, I put this cream on and it literally feels like face comes back to life. It’s a feeling you will have to try for yourself to believe. Not to mention it is packed with vitamins and minerals that are really good for your skin, so when you wake up in the morning your skin looks even and refreshed. That’s what differentiates this cream from a regular moisturizer; most people use the same cream for day and night which is fine, but for nighttime it is much better to use a cream that has NO SPF and vitamins instead so your skin really absorbs it while you sleep. I also find it helps with fading my dark spots over time, as well as less breakouts. My favourite part of using it is waking up in the morning to radiant glowy skin! I got the oil-free version because I have oily skin so it’s nice to have glowing skin without it looking greasy!!

This is my second bottle and definitely not my last! Click here to check it online, and you if live near a Sephora you can always ask for a sample of it.

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