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Guys, how close is Christmas!!!! I can almost taste the hot chocolate and feel the warmth of my Uggs. I’ve already started thinking about gifts and one idea I had was graphic tees, cause they’re cute af and so easy to wear. So I thought I’d share where to get the cutest ones, for any budget!


Ok but for real how relevant is this one? I’m sure we can all relate lol. This one is super comfy cause it has a fleece lining on the inside that’s sooo soft, I actually hate taking it off. It’s from Romwe, which has the cutest and most affordable clothes, this exact one is available here. If you’ve never ordered from them, right now you get 60% off your first order… so basically everything is free LOL.


Please read the fine print on that carefully^^^^. As soon as I read this one I knew I had to have it because it literally includes everything I need, so it was pretty much made for me 🙂 It’s by Wildfox (obvs) and I got it from here, but the exact one is available here. They’re more on the pricier end so depends how much you want to spend!


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