Favourites: Denim

Now that the weather is going downhill… it is time to break out our jean collections. I’ll be honest I looove a good pair of jeans, because you can really wear them with anything and they just look so nice on. I’m a big believer in investing in good quality denim, yes you may pay five times the price of what you pay at Zara, BUT they’ll last you five times longer and in most cases are waaaay comfier. I’m gonna go over a few of my favourite brands, what I like and don’t like about them, and which ones you should invest in.


    • If you like your blue jeans with more of a thick denim feel (similar to the feel of levi’s) then you’ll love these. The true denim is not as stretchy in comparison to other brands, so they obviously won’t be as comfortable. Also, their black or white jeans has a lot of stretch, and actually stretches out over time, while the blue denims do not. I don’t love their coloured jeans because of that reason.
    • They fit reallyyy nicely but the sizing depends on the material of the jean. I have Rag and Bones in 24, 25 and 26. Even though I’m a true 24, I’d always suggest trying these on before buying.
    • The quality is AMAZING, they have never ripped or developed random holes and I still wear mine from a few years ago. Plus the price point is more reasonable compared to other high end jeans.
    • Recommend blue jeans 8/10 – black jeans 5/10
    • The best brand for unique styles and washes. Fits true to size.
    • A lot of people turn away from J Brand because apparently the elasticity fades over time and they stretch a lot. But from what I’ve learnt over the past few years their quality has improved drastically and they no longer stretch to the point of where you can’t wear them. I personally have not had that issue so I love them because they’re so comfortable, it’s like you’re not even wearing jeans!!! CrAzy, right
    • The only thing I do not like is the price range which usually starts from $300, which is annoying cause they’re the bombbb.
    • I haven’t owned a pair of their black jeans so I can’t comment on that and I know every brand does them differently so
    • Recommend 9/10
    • Three words: softest jeans ever. If you’re interested in a buying a pair of Paige make sure you get the ‘Verdugo’ style which is the super comfy and stretchy style.
    • I can’t tell you if they stand the test of time because I only recently started wearing them but I did meet the reps from the Paige showroom in Toronto and I tell you the two main points they told me:
      • The inseam on the front of the leg is brought in closer to make your legs appear thinner #winning
      • The back pockets are positioned depending on the size of the jeans to lift your bum #doublewinning
    • I can confirm all of this is true so… recommend 10/10
    • This is a newer brand and not easy to find in store, you can mostly find them at high end department stores. Frame is known for their ripped jeans because they seriously do such a good job at it.
    • I like that they’re more trendy and stylish as opposed to basic blue jeans. You do have to size down though because they stretch a little bit over time and even while you’re wearing them, but not in a bad way.
    • They feel like jeggings because they are so comfortable. I always tell my clients “just put them on, trussssst me” and I’ve never had anyone put them on and not buy a pair. Seriously not joking, they’re that good.
    • The black jeans are more reasonably price than the denim but I think it’s all worth it so gotta give it 10/10

ps. I didn’t know this until recently so I’ll mention it just in case you don’t either… never throw your jeans in the dryer!!! Apparently it decreases the elasticity over time so put them in the washing machine and let them air dry

Okay that’s all. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments! xo

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