Favourites: Highlighters

Hi hunnies! I will be discussing an very important topic today which is the phenomenon that is highlighters (not the marker, the glow). I’ll share my favourite ones and how I use them and a few tricks on how to get that intense yasssss bitch type of glow.

So my everyday highlight, when I want something subtle and soft, I use MAC’s global glow. It’s not super bright, I would say more of a natural look, well as natural as highlight can look haha. This is because it’s more bronze based so it blends in more with your skintone. Also, I’ve had mine for like two years and still haven’t hit pan. Here’s the swatch below:

mac_globalglow006                                             (Image: Temptalia) 

Next up we have Becca Cosmetics, obviously everyone’s favourite. I have three shades, Moonstone, Opal and Champagne Pop. I have to stay these are probably the best ones available right now, the pigmentation and wear is really amazing, so if you don’t own one I definitely recommend checking them out. Now Moonstone and Opal have a white base to them and will look really bright on tan and darker skintones. I don’t wear either of them when I’m tan because it looks a little too intense and doesn’t blend the way I want it to. But for the winter time, they are my go-to. If I haaaad to choose a favourite it would probably be Champagne Pop (shoutout to Jaclyn Hill one time).  Only because the colour blends perfectly since it’s more peach based but it still does it still gives you that bright dewy look. It would suit any skintone as well, so if you want a Becca one I’d say get this one first. Also I’ve heard that Moonstone and Opal mixed together looks really similar to Champagne Pop, so if you have those two give it a try.

Now moving onto cream highlighters. Before I get into products, let me explain how and why I use them. When I want to make my highlight pop even more than usual, I first put a cream based one underneath before layering my powder highlight on top. This makes it much brighter and last even longer, because the powder clings onto the cream. Now I only do this for special occasions because it’s way too much for everyday. Or I’ll use the cream just on its own if I want a more natural look. My two favourite cream highlights are Benefit’s Watts Up and Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops in Morning Light. With cream based products you usually have to work really fast and blend quickly, because if it drys it’ll look patchy. I often go over it with a beauty blender to make sure that doesn’t happen. If you have dry skin I’d suggest checking out the Sephora drops as they give a really dewy look. dsndksn(Benefit, Sephora Collection)

My last two pieces of advice:

  1. Do not use a fan brush to apply powder highlight, regardless of what you’ve heard. Fan brushes are not dense and are too wide for a precise application. Instead get the Anastasia #33 brush, which was made specifically for highlight application. Coming from someone who went from using a fan brush to this one, TRUST ME it makes such a huge difference and applies product so much better. (pic below)
  2. If you want to blend your highlighter with the rest of your face makeup, always spray some type of face mist at the end of your makeup routine. It really brings your blush contour and highlight together. My favourite mist is the MAC Fix +
  3. Okay I lied, I have one more trick. If you really wanna intensify your highlight, take the same face mist and spray on your brush then dip it in your highlight and apply it. Be warned, this really brings out the pigmentation of the product.

Okay that’s it. Hope this was helpful and I’m sorry for using the word highlight about 500 times. Let me know your favourite products so I can check them out!! xo



One comment

  1. danniijane · August 1, 2016

    I love the look of Becca’s highlighters. I always thought Champagne Pop might be too dark for me as I’m fair but it looks lovely x


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