Makeup Haul

I hate that I’m writing this post because the last thing I need is more makeup!!! Why is it that in the moment you convince yourself you absolutely NEED that product and then you take it home and it sits in your drawer for decades? *sigh* I need to work on my self control.

Now the place I went to has a lot of limited edition or discontinued products, so some of them you may not be able to find on the brand websites. So first I hit up MAC cause I had to repurchase ONE thing, and we all know how that turns out…


In order of the picture: Pro Longwear Lipglass in Ready or Not!, lipglass in Artful, Peaches blush, Pro Sculpting Cream in Pure Sculpture, lip pencils in Boldy Bare, Subculture, and Spice (my all time fave<3), lipstick in Peach Stock, clear eyebrow gel, Zoom mascara in black. Btw, the sculpting cream is the best product I’ve ever used for cream contouring, I bought one a couple years ago when they were first released and then they were discontinued so I when found it it was like winning the lottery (of contour).

Next, I purchased this tube of Bumble and bumble heat styling cream. It’s for curly hair, which I have A LOT of. Apparently, it’s suppose to protect your hair while getting rid of frizz. Then I got a Bobbi Brown lipstick in Heather Pink, which is a dupe for MAC Mehr, so I probably did not need to get that :)))) And finally Clinique blush in Peach Pop, I’ve never used any blushes from that line but I’ve heard they’re amazing so I’m excited to try it!


Let me know if you want a review on any of the products mentioned or where to find them! xo


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