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I have a mini OOTD for you guys today. Anytime I see a shirt with detailing in the back it instantly catches my eye, because it’s always so unexpected. Business in the front, partyyyy in the back 😉

I bought this Wilfred top from Aritzia, they have sooo many cute ones right now! This is in the grey colour, it took a lot for me not to buy the white one cause I’m literally obsessed with the colour white. I’m wearing it with high waisted denim shorts and sandals. Anyways click here to check out the other colours. Hope you like it xxx


  1. honorireland · May 17, 2016

    Love love love!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. alexandrarasmussen · May 18, 2016
  3. Leani · May 26, 2016

    This is so cute! And that picture is beautiful!

    ❤️ Leani


  4. vivalaViv · June 11, 2016

    Sexy & chic!!!

    Vivienne X

    Liked by 1 person

  5. queencitypetite · October 21, 2016

    So glad I found you blog! One of my favorites now ❤


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