Review: Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer

Hi hunnies, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! I’ve come to the decision that I’m over the matte lip trend, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna wear it but just know I’m over it. Glossy and shiny lips are so much prettier and give the illusion of fuller and poutier lips. With that being said I thought I would do a review of my favourite gloss ATM, which are the Marc Jacobs ones!

downloadFirst of all, how gorge is the packaging!!!!!!!!! Pictures do not do it justice. Also I should mention, the glosses are not cheap at $35 each. I normally would not spend that much on a product that can be duped easily but after I watched Jaclyn Hill raaaaveeee about how in love she was with them, I had to try it cause she is queen. So I bought one… which was probably a mistake because I knew in that moment I had to have every single one. Here’s why:

  1. they are not sticky at all
  2. they smell uhhhmazinggg, minty fresh
  3. they last a long time for a gloss
  4. they make your lips look poppin’
  5. is that not enough for you?!

I must admit, I don’t wear them on their own. Either with lip liner or over a lipstick to make my lips appear fuller. Which in my opinion is the best way to wear them. Also, sorry to all my friends, who I also got them obsessed with lol :))) Is it worth the price? I mean most things aren’t really worth the price, BUT I definitely notice a difference between these and other high end glosses. So far I’m really impressed with the Marc Jacobs line and am dying to try out the foundation and coconut primer!! Click here to buy.

Swatches of some of my favourites! But if had to choose Pink Flamingo and Sugar Sugar are my top two. Which ones do you like? xx



  1. viciolicito · May 15, 2016



  2. Molly · May 15, 2016

    Those colors are all so pretty! I definitely want to check those out! Lovely post!


  3. jlobello96 · May 16, 2016

    Sugar and sugar and French tickler are life! I want them so bad


  4. Glamorous_Etoiles · May 17, 2016

    Great Post:) Btw I have nominated you for versatile blogger award hope you participate❤ do check it out:)


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