That time I went to… Mykonos

Hey guys. I thought I’d share with you my experience of travelling to Mykonos (pronounced me-kah-noss) last summer, which is mostly known for its beaches and copious amounts of partying. My best friend and I took a Euro Trip last year and Greece was our last (but not least) stop. Mykonos is a very small island, literally you could drive 30 mins each way and reach the ocean, but still people from all over the world travel there because of how beautiful it is. Unless you’re staying in the town centre, you definitely need a method of transportation to get around. We rented an ATV and got to drive that around all week, which was just as fun as it sounds. The food was to die for, everything was fresh and right out of the sea. Calamari and sangria is a must try!!!! There’s several small beaches we went to, but our favourite was the most popular called Paradise Beach, you could literally order food and drinks from your chaise lounge on the beach. Then at 4PM everyday there was a DJ and huge party on the beach. Wow talking about it makes me want to go back so badly, this post was a bad idea :(.  The town itself was sooo cute, with little shops and bars in those typical greek white buildings you imagine. I CANNOT wait to go again. Seriously if you’re thinking about going to Greece, make sure you stop by Mykonos, I promise you won’t regret it!!! I wanna know if you guys have ever been there or anywhere else in Greece! Check out some pictures from my trip below 🙂


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