Favourites: Sunnies

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Hi loves. With summer fast approaching (HALLELUJAH) I thought I would show you some of most used sunglasses. You’ll probably recognize most of them as they’re super popular right now! I work in the eyewear industry so I’m gonna drop some knowledge on you guys…

Ray Bans are awesome, seriously they last forever and they’re cute AF. If you want a trendy pair of sunglasses but don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount, then I definitely recommend them. The two in the picture are my every day sunglasses right now, and the mirror ones come in so many colours. A lot of celebs have been rocking both styles lately.

I’m sure you’ve seen those pink Dior ones on Instagram before, as everybody and their mom has them or a knockoff version. Not much to say about these, they kinda speak for themselves. Like literally, so cute *Kim voice*

Last but not least, the Chanels,  I like to call these ones my rich housewife glasses. They are really good for hiding from the paparazzi, if you ever need to. I’ll be honest, for the amount of money it’s not the best quality. But the big square shape is a classic and will never go out of style.

TIP: when buying a pair of sunglasses always try to get it with polarized lenses. That basically cuts all the glare from the sun so you can see perfectly. A lot of designer glasses don’t have polarized lenses, which baffles me cause they’re already so expensive!! -_-

If you wanna check out prices and details, here are the links:

Ray Ban Mirror

Ray Ban Round

Dior Reflected 

Chanel is not available online.


  1. meganblogs101 · April 24, 2016


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  2. Leani · May 1, 2016

    I love these, especially the pink ones!

    ❤️ Leani

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