Adidas has the best white sneakers of all time


(If you didn’t read the title in a Kanye voice, then please go back and do that now.)

So I think I might be part of 1% of people in the world who doesn’t own a pair of Stan Smiths and I’ll tell you why. Because I hate them. I tried sooo hard to like them, I’ve probably tried them on 10 different times in hopes that one time I would have an epiphany but nope, never happened. I was looking for a leather pair of white sneakers for ages. Thennnnnn I came across this Adidas pair at Aritzia and instantly loved them. The style is called Court Vantage Mens, they only come in mens sizing, I’m a 7.5 and the 4.5 Mens fit me perfectly. What I liked about them is that they’re not as bulky as the Stan Smiths, also the mesh on the side will prevent the leather from wrinkling which I’ve noticed is an issue with the Smiths. Now I haven’t had a chance to wear them cause it’s still snowing in Toronto… in April :))))) but if you like them get them here! Leave any questions in the comments, THAAANKS bye



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